Colorful Kit

4.99 EUR

Skyblock Light Perks:

You will UNLOCK the Colorful Outrageous Kit (1 Day Cooldown)

Colorful Kit Related Items:


x64 Cyan Terracotta

•  x64 Purple Terracotta

x64 Blue Terracotta

x64  Brown Terracotta

 x64  Green Terracotta

x64 Red Terracotta

x64 Black Terracotta

x64 Terracotta

x64 White Terracotta

x64  Yellow Terracotta

x64 Orange Terracotta

x64 Magenta Terracotta

x64 Light Blue Terracotta

x64 Lime Terracotta

x64 Ping Terracotta

x64 Gray Terracotta

x64 Light Gray Terracotta

 * These items are permanent and will carry over in a reset. *